Best Halloween Costume Store in Toronto
Best Halloween Costume Store in Toronto
Best Halloween Costume Store in Toronto
Best Halloween Costume Store in Toronto
Best Halloween Costume Store in Toronto

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Christmas Clothing & Cosumes

Enjoy the quality of vintage clothing & vintage accessories? so do we!

We started our journey in Toronto with quality vintage and we still stay true to the best of the best in quality vintage clothing & vintage accessories available in store in Toronto and online.


The true love of vintage materials and the efforts made to create a fabulous vintage piece to last a lifetime is our passion.


Each quality vintage piece of clothing and accessory has been hand selected to reflect a character that can express creativity.


Our vintage collection in Toronto will express all of these aspects that allows them to be one of a kind for the vintage enthusiast.

We hope you explore and enjoy our vast collection of quality one of a kind vintage clothing and vintage accessories in store in Toronto and here online!


Halloween is our specialty and passion! with the demand of theatrical costume events and diverse customers, we are pleased to provide quality curated vintage and new classic theatrical costumes, clothing and accessories all year round in store in Toronto and online.


Looking for a quality costume? need that accessory to finish off your outfit? You have found your place! To set ourself apart from the big box and other online avenues, we focus on a wide selection of quality vintage and new classic theatrical costumes, clothing and accessories for children and adults at reasonable prices.

Please note we do not carry the new released costumes to avoid the high prices and to compliment our customers needs.


Business or personal, attending or organizing a theme party, festival, performance, holiday party, celebration, film, theatrical play or just for fun, we have over 50 theatrical categories to offer.

Getting married? Want to make it a theme?  We can help with specializing in quality themes to make your special moment one to remember!

Thank you for making us one of your favourite Halloween costume store in Toronto!

We do our best to make great memories!


As a gift or for yourself?

We are pleased to provide an amazing collection of quality one of a kind curated vintage, antique and new jewellery online and in store in Toronto.


Specialize in beautiful and fun costume fashion jewellery, authentic sterling silver jewellery, authentic designer jewellery and selected estate gold and gemstones jewellery at reasonable prices.

We clean and gift box all jewellery complimentary when purchased.

If you prefer your jewellery left tarnish, please let us know by sending us an email after your purchase.


We guarantee all jewellery we sell 100% in good mint condition with all original pieces and in working condition.

We also guarantee all sterling silver jewellery,gemstones, pearls and designer jewellery 100% authentic.

We take pride in what we sell!


Antiques are beautiful and unique, we have an appreciation for quality fine antiques & collectibles.

Specializing in signed and discontinued antiques & collectibles online and in store in Toronto.


Canadian and International Hand-Blown Art Glass, Antique Jewellery, Hallmark Sterling Silverware, Signed Bronzes, Pottery, Ceramic & Porcelain Figurines.

We guarantee authenticity and all antiques and collectibles in mint condition.


Building a costume or completing a formal outfit?

You may need that final touch to complete your look or you may be looking for that accessory to start your idea.

Available in store in Toronto and online we have a variety of accessories that you may be looking for. 


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