Festivals, Parades, Costume Conventions, Shows & Concerts

Attending, participating or organizing a fesival, parade, costume convention, show or concert? We have a collection of quality vintage & new clothing, costumes & accessories for a diverse blend of festivals & events.

Western, Steampunk, Anime, Comicon, Pirate, Disco, Boat Cruises, Gay Pride, Electronic, Burlesque, 1920's Gatsby Garden Party, Carnival & More!

We cater to all sizes of local and international festivals & events

All items we sell may not be availabe online. We invite you to come in due to the high volume of turn around. Also, we prefer to sell certain items only in-store to guarantee the item fitting you perfectly.


It's always great to come in as we have hundreds of items to choose from!

Want to attend a festival or event where like minded enthusiast go. Want to share your festival idea's or inventions? Here are just a few groups and communities who enjoy dress up.

BurnT )'( Toronto Burners