Some of these items may only be available online.


If you would like to see any of the jewellery item(s) in store, please send us an email with the link(s) of the item(s) of interest 1 day in advance and we can arrange to have the item(s) available in store.

Vintage, Antique & New Sterling Silver Pendants


As a gift or for yourself we have a variety of quality one of a kind vintage, antique and new sterling silver pendants. Simple to fancy, we gurantee all sterling silver jewellery is authentic.


We choose to photograph all our sterling silver jewellery tarnish for a variety of reasons. Its showcases the characteristics of the sterling silver, real sterling silver does tarnish so it will guarantee and showcase the authenticity and sometimes our customers prefer the look of the sterling silver when its tarnish.


We clean and gift box all sterling silver jewellery complimentary when purchased.

Please let us know when purchasing if you would like us to clean the sterling silver jewellery.